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If your energy bills are killing your business case, you are short on working capital and/or want to contribute to the protection of natural environment, this is the right place for you.

If you are the owner or a long term user of a building with a roof with minimal shadow and free space for installing solar power plant, Ilumine team can help you design, install and produce your own energy. A new source which brings you undoubtedly many benefits:

  • Decrease consumption of energy from public grid by up to 80% and satisfy the energy needs with your own electricity – green and free of charge! Your energy bill can suddenly drop to 50%
  • Thanks to 20-year-guarantee period, during which the state subsidise green energy production, you receive almost CZK 12 for every kWh of power produced. So a solar system on a flat roof of 1000m2 (65kWp) can generate up to CZK700ths per year.
  • Financing a solar power plant can be done through a commercial loan. The equity required for such project is between 10 and 30%. For example a 65kWp solar project requires equity between CZK 600ths and 2mil.
  • The payback period on equity is already 6 years!
  • The total amount will be payed back up to six times during the lifetime of the project – 25years.
  • Internal rate of return (IRR) on equity can be reached over 20%
  • Income is free of tax the first five years of operations followed by period of solar technology investment depreciation of additional five years.
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