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If you are thinking about saving on your electricity bill in your household or department building and you want to make extra cash for example for building maintenance, you want to become more independent on utility companies or just contribute to the saving of natural environment, this is the right place for you!

Ilumine team will design and realize and integrate a turn-key solar solution which suits best your needs and helps you realize
significant benefits:

  • Saving on grid-electricity of up to 40~70% due to consumption of own power. If your consumption is around 12MWh per year, you can save over CZK17ths.
  • Thanks to 20-year-guarantee period, during which the state subsidise green energy production, you receive almost CZK 12 for every kWh of power produced. So a family house solar system can generate from up to 150ths per year depending on its size. A solar plant on a department building can generate up to CZK250ths per year.
  • When financing using products for housing or mortgage (recommended) you can start with 10-30% of the total installation cost. For a typical family house, you will need to invest about CZK100-200ths. A department building will require little more: CZK300ths.
  • The payback of this amount is six to eight year!
  • Giving the minimal lifetime of 25 year, the invested amount will be returned six times
  • The internal rate of return of the investment is up to 20%
  • If you are a business and / or looking for effective investment, please refer to here (for businesses) and/or here
    (pro investory)
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Case Studies
A typical family living in a mid-size “electrified” house will on average consume 12MWh per year and spend CZK42ths

The household would utilize electricity for the following functions:
  • Central heating
  • Water heating
  • Cooking
  • Other domestic appliances
Current electricity Consumption and Cost
Total Consumption in HH
KWh/Year 12000
Avarage Cost of energy Kc/KWh 3.50
Annual Cost of Energy (incl. VAT) Kc/Year 42000


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