Did you know, that production of “green” energy from renewable resources (including sun) is the future, supported by EU as well as national governments…

  • The state supports the idea of generating green energy by guaranteeing feed-in-tarif for 20year in case of solar energy systems. The price is set to achieve good returns on the investments
  • The energy produced in your own power plant you can consume in the house and achieve significant savings
  • In selected regions, you can receive government subventions for building solar system
  • The government of the Czech Republic has committed ourselves to replace 13% of our energy consumption by energy from renewable resources by 2020


Did you know, that producing your own energy, you can not only save but also make extra money…

  • For every produced “green” kWh, the utility company pays out guaranteed feed-in-tarif or “green bonus”.
  • If you produce electricity for example on the roof of your own house or on the top of your production plant, it is better to apply the green bonus and part of the produced energy consume in house. This way you can significantly save on energy which you would have to otherwise purchase from the utility company. Your own consumption does influence the green bonus received, because it depends purely on production. Additionally, energy which cannot be consumed in-house can be offered to energy brokers on the market. There is a lot of them!
  • If you wish to produce on a green field (sometimes literarily) it is usually better to apply the guaranteed feed-in-tarif. This was there is less paperwork and the returns are more predictable. The mode of pricing (feed-in-tarif or green bonus) can be swapped every end of year. So if you , later on, build a house on the green field next to your power plant, you will be able to consume your own energy and still receive additional pension cash.


Did you know, that current solar technology reaches parameters recognized as international standards and certified by recognized by reputable authorities…

  • Manufacturers of solar modules guarantee output power for 25 years. The tolerance is usually minus 10% over the first 10year and 20% over the product lifecycle.
  • Many solar modules are usually produced in Asia and have offices in Europe which assures warranty.


Did you know, that investment into solar energy is almost risk-free? Also the banks and private investors know it so there is no reason to be afraid of the financial and economic crisis. As long as you have 10-30% equity there is no problem…

  • Banks finance projects through loans or leasing products for as long as 15 years.
  • Investors look at investments in renewable energy as one of the strong holds in this turbulent era. Free capital is limited but not unreachable. Ilumine has access to it.
  • Smaller project for roofs of private houses or communal buildings is better finance with mortgages or other financial products related to housing improvements.
  • Municipalities with free land that can be used for building solar systems can also participate on solar projects. They are treated as any other investor.

The key to successful project is in its quality preparation. This counts double when it comes to financially intensive projects. Ilumine always stresses individual approach to our clients’ needs. We believe, that only this way we can maximize effects from the invested resources

Ilumine, in coalition with our partners offers complex consulting…

  • Indicative individual consulting and client’s site visit.
  • Feasibility study including preliminary system design, revenue and saving modeling, financing, indicative investment and return calculation.
  • Detailed project documentation.
  • Energy audit according to Czech law.
  • Documentation for financial loan and negotiation.
  • Documentation for building permission.

In cooperation with our partners we provide the designs which make the best use of given resources

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